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What we do

Astro Agency has a whole range of support on offer to assist your business needs, freeing up your time to run your business. We know running a business is no walk in the park; the last thing you need is added worry and additions to that forever-growing to-do list. As always if you have support needs outside of what we have listed, it’s still worth getting in touch with one of the team; chances are we can help or at least point you in the right direction


We Bundle in our SMB Workstation IT Support Package to allow businesses to operate with systems they need, allowing them to be productive while staying secure
Geared around Microsoft 365 we provide the tools that allow you to get shit done.

The great thing too, is with transparent pricing it truly is a service that is scalable with your business, which can be increased or decreased at any point during your contract

Comes complete will all this good stuff:

Unlimited Support for your staff
Backup of Workstations
Threat Detection Protect vital Systems
Weekly Wordpress core updates
Weekly Wordpress plugin updates
Snapshot backups
24/7 uptime monitor
Google Analytics Integration


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Taking care of the timely bits behind the scenes leaving you to get on and run your business. Covering both security and updates across your site, leaving it protected and up to date at all times. Use the 2 hours you get to ask us to do whatever you'd like

What do I get?..

Daily website security scans
Database optimization
Malware code injection checking & removal
24/7 uptime monitor
Weekly Wordpress core updates
Advice on development as your site grows
Weekly Wordpress plugin updates
No contract or tie ins
Performance, monitoring, checking & advice
2 hours dev time - use this for anything you like
Real-time security monitoring
12.5% discount on hourly rates


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Emergency at Astro Agency

First things first, if you have a genuine emergency we’ll always do our best to help. We’ll be glad that you asked us. Just remember, that emergency (out-of-hours) support is offered on a best efforts basis unless you specifically have a Astro Agency “Out-of-Hours” contract.

Initial Checks

We still get the occasional Emergency email where the problem is not with the website as such. Before you email, it’s worth checking the following:

  • First things first, if you have a genuine emergency we’ll always do our best to help. We’ll be glad that you asked us.
  • Check our service status page for known (that’s where most of our clients host their sites). These are typically out of our control, but we’d be monitoring this.

If you have a genuine ‘out-of-hours’ emergency (e.g. major serious bug or technical hack) email [email protected] right now!

Get Emergency Support

Should you email?

If you aren’t sure then STOP. Take a breath. Your email will interrupt the recharging of the whole team. Is this a genuine emergency?

If you aren’t sure it’s an Emergency then please just send a normal support request to [email protected] – and it will be at the top of the list when we are back in the office.

Either way we know you’ll make the right call, and either way we’ll be glad you did. Thanks for understanding.

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