The Problem

An established digital marketing agency wanting an overhaul; complete rebranding and a website to match! I guess it’s a little like home renovations. You know - you know your home is nice enough and serves its purpose, but it could look better and serve more purposes. Big difference being - we don’t leave a trail of mess behind us, and you’re not left with the stress and inconvenience while we ‘renovate.’ We have loved every minute of working with the team over at Lion Marketing and equally love their new look. From their stylish logo to their stationery, and of course, their brand new website! 

Lion Marketing Ltd needed:

Our solution

The team were soon able to deliver a website designed to accommodate their existing brand guidelines while delivering a fresh new image at the same time; with all the advanced functionality you can imagine supporting the many offerings from Select.

Lion website
Desktop and mobile frames
Desktop example image
Mobile example image

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