As a tech company providing safe and secure servers, we strive towards delivering high quality and informed research. We rarely take sides, providing each company with a more tailored approach to their needs.

However, without further ado; G Suite is better than Office 365.

Today, AstroHost has just 5 simple reasons for why your business should opt for G Suite to begin sharing, creating, contacting and storing with a clean interface.

Sharing is Caring

One of the most significant benefits to G Suite is its focus on allowing project collaborations to be seamless. Not only is it as easy as typing an email address, but you can choose their editability score: edit, view, download, etc.

Fortunately, this was G Suites aim from day one, meaning that they are striving in collaboration tools high above Office 365.

Multiple users can work on one document at the same time; the document saves automatically upon each change. So, even if your internet connection drops (which it won’t with AstroHost) then your files and documents can be easily recovered.

Office 365, on the other hand, kept their cloud interface similar to their desktop siblings, meaning their collaboration tools are slightly harder to find, access and use.

Take a Freebie

If you’re not sure where to begin, and you’re wanting to try your cloud platforms out, then you’re in luck with G Suite.

Anybody can access apps and tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms for free without needing a subscription or payment plan. So, if you want a taste of what’s to offer without any adware, then hop on and get creative! Familiarise yourself by all means, but don’t forget, there are plenty of features you’ll be unable to access with the free version.

Other than freebies, G Suite offers a cheaper overall plan for business use. While Microsoft’s Office 365 starts at £6 per month, Google’s G Suite starts its basic package with a £4.60 per month subscription for new users.

Both companies pricing structures increase depending on the company size, offering multiple package options. Yet, G Suite also has optional extras such as Google Meet, Jamboard, AppSheet and Voice.

No Storage Wars Here

Both G Suite and Office 365 platforms offer businesses generous space for storage per person with Google Drive and OneDrive, respectively. However, the structure of G Suite brings up a ‘suite-er’ deal.

Let’s begin with Office 365 package: every employee within your business will get 1TB of storage data, no matter which package you subscribe to. This may sound beneficial from the off-set, however – depending on your business – you may require a little more than what’s on the table.

In comes G Suite. The basic package begins with 30GB of cloud storage. The business package, on the other hand, offers unlimited cloud storage (whereby 5 or more employees in the company use the Suite, otherwise it becomes the standard 1TB).

So, if you’re a company who needs large amounts of data stores, or, even, a start-up uncertain of the byte-size required, having access to G Suite’s unlimited data stores allows for one less thing to worry about.

Clean Emails, Please

One of the biggest benefits of using G Suite is access to their clean-cut Gmail system.

Office 365 offers the well-known Outlook, which often provides a familiar face to users across the globe. However, it also poses restrictive access to filing, functionality and productivity when compared with Gmail.

In contrast, Gmails unique use of labelling and categories allows business email users to effectively store and organise their emails, calendar, address book and chats.

Gmail provides businesses with a fast-paced user interface with features that surpass Outlook’s basic search function; the advanced search allows users to comb through emails using labels, tags, date ranges, body content, recipients, and more.

Even in terms of security, Gmail’s business email system has consistently outranked Outlooks capabilities. Especially since September of 2019 whereby Google issued a critical security threat after multiple email bounce-backs. These particular emails were launched from the Gmail system and headed towards the Outlook databases but came to an impasse when the security level of Outlook was perceived as less secure.

A final point of contrast between the two email providers is the management choices available to businesses. While neither offer built-in structures, there can be add-ons that allow companies and management to track the emails of employees. Such add-ons include MyAnalytics for Outlook and EmailAnalytics for Gmail.

MyAnalytics provides managers with the ability to see simple productivity tracking features such as duration spent within business emails, in meetings and doing other work. While EmailAnalytics for Gmail provides all that and bonus tracking services, including the number of emails sent and duration to draft/reply; providing key data to determine employee productivity statistics.

So, in terms of the emailing segments, it’s clear to see how GSuite is a far superior choice for businesses across the globe.


In a final bid to allow Microsoft’s Office 365 a roll of the dice, we will look at the overall security. As it is the most important factor for most companies, it’s important we provide you with secure facts.

As a business, you must factor in the security of your cloud platform. This is because external malware can affect critical business data held in the cloud.

Office 365 has the commonly used multi-factor authentication security to protect data against suspicious activity and raise awareness of it. It also uses Microsoft’s own malware detection system to prevent spam.

G suite, on the other hand, uses the same security infrastructure that Google, itself uses—providing peace of mind against data theft, phishing and hacking. Of course, it also features two-factor authentication and malware detection tools that scan all data screens. In short: GSuite offers higher security to its users than the Office 365 subscription.

And, there we have it. 5 simple reasons that explain why G suite is a better option for businesses than Office 365.

If you’re still not convinced, check out what your business could gain by choosing one of the G Suite packages offered through AstroHost. Or, contact us via our live chat, and we can talk you through the best options tailored to your business needs!

(Please note: All prices and statistics were correct at the time of publishing)