Let’s be honest, shite happens! Sometimes things don’t work out the way we thought they would, right? In a continually evolving industry (which is pretty much every industry it seems nowadays), you must diversify!  Be diverse in your marketing – go for impact with your design! If you’re seeing sinking traffic numbers or simply have a site that has flatlined, it’s time to turn your crap into gold. Turn your rags to riches, your nothing into something! You get the point, right? So what can you actually do to set the wheels in motion? Let’s take a look:

Do You Have a Blog?

If you once thought that the word blog is just a fancy new internet term for web journaling, then you’d be wrong. Blogs are a useful tool for digital marketing. They give you new opportunities to start a conversation with someone you never spoke to before. You can educate others, provide answers to questions, and tell people how you can offer solutions to their problems. Any type of content you produce for your website holds immense value. It’s one of the fastest, most affordable, and effective ways to distribute information on the web while advancing your website and online presence for the long haul.

What About a Content Strategy?

If you answered “No” to the first question, it’s time for change. Changes that signal a new era, bringing with them a new lease of life for your website. Your content strategy is how you use your blog to market your business with purpose and intent. Giving a voice to your brand and using the appropriate distribution channels are all key to having the right content strategy in place. Content is considered king for a reason. Making it compelling, accessible, and fresh elevates your brand and business presence online.

SEO Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘Sadly and Easily Outpaced.

Don’t get yourself stuck at the back of the line. Who wants to be at the back of the line? not ma that’s for sure! Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what takes your website to the next level by placing your content in front of the people you want to read it. An effective SEO strategy can be complex and requires a structured process. This can range from effective keyword research to linking and tagging your content in the right place. To get the most out of your SEO, establish a well-executed distribution channel and you’re half-way there.

Get the Design Right.

Having a poorly designed website reflects badly on your brand. Getting your design right is at the core of everything else. It’s that all-important first impression.  If your website design is not functional for navigating or optimised for mobile devices, you can lose potential clients right at the front door of your business. Having a kick-ass bespoke site, you give yourself an excellent starting place to optimise, promote, and bring action forward in your business.

Hire a Professional.

Having a website that’s not quite right requires professional assistance to help you fill in the gaps where previous seals were left unfilled. If you need a revamp or are even just getting started, hire a professional company such as Astro-Digital to help design the right plan that fits your business. Reach out to us and speak to a website professional today to customise a plan that will fit your individual needs.